Kids' Arabic Language Classes in Manhattan, NY

Language does more than serve as a means of communication; language also carries culture and tradition. At Zizina Kids, we want to help children learn their families’ mother tongue, which is why we offer kids’ Arabic language classes in Manhattan, NY. We teach kids in fun, interactive, and modern ways to help them learn a foreign language and connect to Arabic culture. Schedule a class with us today.

Our Method

Zizina is a type of butterfly, and we take inspiration from the butterfly as we instruct children in Egyptian Arabic. Students begin speaking at the caterpillar level, but as they progress, they eventually transform into a butterfly, speaking the language on their own.

Everyone learns languages different, which is why we offer multiple Egyptian Arabic kids’ classes, including:

  • After-school enrichment programs
  • Group classes
  • Private classes
  • School break camps
  • Summer camps abroad

We even offer mommy-and-me courses where mothers can learn Arabic along with their children.

Our Promise

We endeavor to provide a positive, engaging learning environment for children of all backgrounds. With our guidance, children can learn a new language, engage their curiosity, and learn more about Arabic culture.

Schedule a class for your child today and call +1 917 232 9134. We offer classes in the Manhattan and Brooklyn area.

Our mission

  • To help kids learn Arabic as a foreign language in a modern, fun and interactive way that will bring out their curiosity and connect them to the Arabic culture.

Our vision

  • To be the go-to resource to teach kids colloquial Arabic in all dialect of the Arabic Language.
  • To connect kids abroad with their culture, custom and family mother tongue.
Our Philosophy

We have something for everyone!

Our Philosophy

  • Our students begin learning by developing conversational skills and progress into reading and writing, providing them with unique and valuable life skills – all while having fun! .
  • We want each of our students to have fun learning Arabic! Too often language programs are rigid, colorless, and difficult. But at Zizina we know that children learn best when they’re excited and interested in what they’re doing
  • we incorporate creative ways to have children speaking, understanding, and loving Arabic
  • Our students can naturally engage in the learning process and gain context and understanding in Arabic
Our Philosophy

Ways to grow

Each program has been designed to make it fun for kids want to learn Arabic!

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Interesting facts about learning Arabic!

Each program has been designed to make it fun for kids want to learn Arabic!

  • Did you know that Arabic is one of the top 5 world languages?
  • It’s spoken by over 420 million people!
  • We know that learning Arabic provides advantages in the areas of business and travel, In addition to connecting with one’s heritage.
  • It's one of the official languages of the UN.
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*Transilitation convension is adapted from the Alif Baa book, Georgetown University Press
  • Yasmin, Yussef & Sarah's mom
    Ms. Einas is truly gifted in her ability to bring creative and engaging material to keep both my 6 and 3-year old full captivated and learning at the same time. The lessons are a lot of fun- the kids look forward to the classes and love the stories, songs and activities that Ms. Einas brings with her to every class. I had been searching for an Arabic teacher like Ms. Einas for over a year. Highly recommended for children looking to learn Arabic!
    Yasmin, Yussef & Sarah's mom
  • Dr. Manal Hassan
    Ms. Einas had submitted a very interesting demo lesson where she applied modern teaching techniques and used appropriate presentation skills to achieve the stated lesson learning objectives. Her skills in using technology and PowerPoint in class are outstanding. She also has brilliant ideas for classroom activities. She is very creative to the extent that she designs and implements her own activity materials and games for educational purposes. Einas also has a pleasant character and good classroom management skills. I really enjoyed her demo lesson and believe that any student would do too.
    Dr. Manal Hassan
    Arabic Instructor at the AUC
  • Ayo, 7
    My favorite part about Arabic class is when we play memory with the body parts cards and when we played Simon says. I like learning the shapes and colors and organizing them. I think Einas is the best Arabic teacher, she is funny, she is smart and she has a good hair. أنا إسمي آيو أنا عندي سبع سنين
    Ayo, 7
  • Noha (Ayo's mom)
    I reached out to Einas to help with teaching Arabic to my sons (ages 7 and 3) and she is simply brilliant. She knows how to handle all ages and make the process engaging and so fun. The boys have picked up a lot of Arabic in such a short amount of time. We love seeing her every week and feel very lucky to have found her. I 100% would recommend her to Arabic lessons for any and all ages.
    Noha (Ayo's mom)
  • Nathalie (Natasha's mom)
    We met Einas through Alefb program that offered an Arabic after-school at PS58, my daughter's school. My daughter Natasha had the chance to be taught Arabic by Einas whose classes were fun and yet very content oriented. Natasha came home knowing the new vocabulary and with sheets, she loved to go over during the week. She quickly developed a real excitement for this new language and enjoyed very much all the games she played in class. We are a  French family, I speak some Arabic myself and I was amazed to see how fast my daughter was able to learn the language and remember it. I also teach young kids and I must say that the project-based classes that Einas offered were a winner! Einas passion for teaching really did the magic!
    Nathalie (Natasha's mom)
  • Natasha, 11
     "Thank you so much Einas for teaching me Arabic! Thanks to you I learned Arabic in such a fun way. I enjoyed so much all the games and projects you prepared for us. I really love the language and can't wait to become really fluent and be able to travel to some Arabic speaking countries!"
    Natasha, 11

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