Have fun learning Arabic

At Zizina...

We want each of our students to have fun learning Arabic! Too often language programs are rigid, colorless, and difficult. But at Zizina we know that children learn best when they’re excited and interested in what they’re doing.That’s why we’ve structured our entire program on fun and effective ways to learn!

  • Classes always begin with learning conversational skills.
  • Our students enjoy various ways of interacting with each other in Arabic and practicing speaking and listening in a variety of meaningful contexts.
  • Every class is filled with age appropriate activities such as games, singing original and folklore songs, yoga, cooking (and eating!), cultural art projects,and traditional stories we’ve translated into colloquial Arabic.
  • These translations allow children to enjoy all their favorite stories in the same dialect they are already learning, and gives parents the opportunity to practice Arabic at home with their children.
  • We’re a bit unique in our strong emphasis on games as learning tools.
  • Playing games together in Arabic gives students context and understanding of the language – and it’s more fun and far more effective than sitting at a desk repeating after the teacher!

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